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Re:ZERO - Starting Life in Another World - Season One Part One - BD/DVD Combo - Limited Edition

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    Being Natsuki Subaru is suffering. After being suddenly transported to a world unlike his own, he’s discovers a terrible truth—he can’t die. Or rather, he can’t remain dead. Instead, Subaru experiences the pain of death and the reality that he must start life over from a predetermined ‘save point.’ At first this ability seems like a gift, a way to make things right and save the girl he loves. But the more he dies, the more tragedy he experiences, and the more he begins to lose his mind.

    As he works his way through dangerous situations, doing whatever it takes to protect Emilia and his new friends, he learns that this is not like the games he played back home. And sometimes, the only way to find a solution—is to die.

    Limited Edition includes: Chipboard box with specialty print, 40-page art book, 6 chibi bookmarks, 20" x 30" standard pillowcase featuring characters Rem and Emilia

    Product Details

    • Publisher: Funimation

    • Spoken Languages: English & Japanese

    • Subtitle Language: English

    • Rating: TV-MA

    • Run Time:325 minutes (Episodes 1 ~ 12)

    • Extras Include: Re:ZERO ~Starting Break Time From Zero~ #1 - 11, Textless Opening & Closing Songs, Trailers

    For North American Region (DVD Region 1/Blu-ray Region A/1)


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