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Dragon Ball Super - Part Four - Blu-ray

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  • Description
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    After intense matches and never-before-seen abilities, the universe versus

    universe tournament finally has its winner! Which means a chance to wish

    on the Super Dragon Balls's'that is, if they can find the final one. Luckily,

    it's been right under their noses the entire time. With all Super Dragon Balls

    all collected, a wish is made that surprises everyone!

    Then, after an unexpected visit to the planet Pot-au-feu, things settle down

    for the Z Fighters. That is, until an SOS from the future arrives in the form

    of Future Trunks! With his timeline in dire straits, he seeks help from the

    past. But the enemy that he's running from looks more like a familiar ally

    than someone dangerous. In fact, he looks exactly like Goku! Can the Z

    Fighters save Trunks's future, or will they bring doom to their own timeline?!

    • Publisher: Funimation

    • Spoken Languages: Japanese, English

    • Subtitle Language: English

    • Rating: TV-PG

    • Run Time: 5 hrs. 25 minutes

    For North American Region (DVD Region 1/Blu-ray Region A/1)

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