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Hotarumaru ARTFX J Statue - Touken Ranbu


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    Hotarumaru is a sword once enshrined at Mt. Aso, brought to life by the Saniwa Sage. Hotarumaru, forged by Kunitoshi Rai, was an oodachi with the length more than one meter owned by Korezumi Aso, the head of Aso family from early Nanbokucho period (1400~).

    When the sword was badly damaged because of the mowing movements that Korezumi made when he faced his enemies, he rested at the foot of Mt. Aso, falling asleep out of exhaustion. He had a strange dream that a swarm of fireflies (hotaru) sat on top of his sword, making it glows in the dark.

    The next morning, much to his confusion, the chips and cuts on the damaged sword seems to be gone. The sword, later named Hotarumaru was kept in the Aso shrine as a family treasure.

    This sculpt is a 1/8 scale and stands approximately 7.68 inches tall.

    (C) 2015-2016 DMMgames/Nitroplus

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