Persona 3 Reload - Original Soundtrack Vinyl


Persona 3 Reload - Original Soundtrack Vinyl


Release date: 9/30/2024

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Persona 3 Reload is a full reimagining of a pivotal entry in Atlus’ flagship roleplaying series, boasting cutting-edge graphics, retuned gameplay, updated character designs, and of course, BRAND-NEW MUSIC.

The Persona 3 Reload soundtrack pays tribute to the distinctive late-2000s style of the original game while still providing a decidedly modern sound. Its suite of “Reloaded” tracks playfully evoke themes and melodies from their original tunes while bringing in unexpected elements that enhance the experience and create something wholly original. At the same time, that unmistakable Persona swagger is still there by the bucketful, as Atlus Sound Team deftly weaves across genres and influences spanning opera, hip-hop, house, and more.

Make no mistake: This is a new Persona soundtrack that stands firmly on its own two legs. And as such, it deserves the full iam8bit treatment. We were all too happy to oblige.

The Persona 3 Reload 4xLP features the “Reloaded” soundtrack, pressed on wax across 4 beautiful Holographic Broken Glass Vinyl discs. Enjoy upbeat head-bobbers like “When the Moon’s Reaching Out” as well as slow, moving melodies like “Aria of the Soul” again & again, given the premium mastering treatment they deserve.

How’s it presented? C’mon – this is a Persona × iam8bit release. You know the sturdy box set packaging is going to be premium, featuring stellar album art by Drew Wise that, dare we say, Reloads the distinctive aesthetic of the game itself. It all comes together to create a S.E.E.S-worthy release that you’ll no doubt spin again & again.

[Track List]


  1. Full Moon Full Life
  2. Aria of the Soul
  3. This Mysterious Feeling
  4. Want To Be Close -Reload-
  5. Troubled
  6. Crisis
  7. Shadow


  1. Unavoidable Battle
  2. Peace -Reload-
  3. When The Moon's Reaching Out
  4. Stars -Reload-
  5. Iwatodai Dorm -Reload-
  6. The Voice Someone Calls
  7. tartarus_0d01
  8. Mass Destruction -Reload-


  1. After the Battle
  2. Color Your Night
  3. Deep Breath Deep Breath -Reload-
  4. Master of Shadow -Reload-
  5. Paulownia Mall -Reload-
  6. The Meaning of Armbands
  7. tartarus_0d02
  8. Bad Feeling
  9. Fearful Experience


  1. Calamity
  2. During the Exam
  3. Everyone loves 1989
  4. Joy
  5. tartarus_0d03
  6. Deep Mentality -Reload-
  7. It’s Going Down Now
  8. The Path is Open


  1. The Path Was Closed
  2. Changing Seasons -Reload-
  3. Basement
  4. Master of Tartarus -Reload-
  5. This is How It Should Be…
  6. Living With Determination
  7. tartarus_0d04


  1. Kyoto
  2. Afternoon Break
  3. Tanaka's Amazing Commodities -Reload-
  4. tartarus_0d05
  5. Memories from 10 Years Ago -Recollection-
  6. Memories from 10 Years Ago -Confrontation-
  7. Mistic
  8. Strength of Heart
  9. Memories of the City
  10. Memories of the School


  1. Living With Determination -Iwatodai Dorm Arrangement
  2. tartarus_0d06
  3. What Lies in the Darkness
  4. Battle Hymn of the Soul
  5. Nyx
  6. Determination
  7. Burn My Dread -Last Battle Reload-


  1. Enduring Bonds
  2. I Will Protect You -Reload-
  3. Memories of You -Reload-
  4. Memories of You -Reload Instrumental-
  5. Full Moon Full Life -Opening Movie version-


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